I came across a LinkedIn post by Ditte Marstrand Wulf, the Chief People Officer at BMI Group. She asked a simple question, “Dear all, who is the best speaker you can recommend for an international leadership conference talking about company culture? Of course very engaging, inspiring, credible and can share stories and insight about this theme. The conference is in Paris in English. Highly appreciate your input kind regards Ditte.” And the responses came flooding in as the power of LinkedIn took over. As of the writing of this post there are 258 comments, mostly recommending people or thanking others for their recommendation. Surprisingly there weren’t many repeats.

I’ll continue to search for the videos of these presenters, I’ve already found a few good ones. If they don’t have a publicly available presentation video I will need to remove them from the list. Please help by adding more with the form below. If you would like to help edit the content of this list please go to my LinkedIn profile (https://www.linkedin.com/in/innovating) and Inmail me – I love collaborating!